How does the ChugStraw work? 
It enables people to chug their favourite beverage faster by allowing air inside the bottle. It's simple: simple click the straw on the bottle, turn the bottle and sip the liquid quickly. Practice makes perfect! 

What's so special about The ChugStraw?
The ChugStraw is specially designed for the United States, which means it fits most of the bottles available in stores. Its small design makes it easy to carry it with you to all your parties and events, and gives that surprising effect when you take it out of your pocket. 

Where is ChugStraw located? 
ChugStraw is from San Francisco, just like all other well-known companies (just kidding). But we are actually from San Francisco and we are also shipping the Chugs from a location in San Francisco at the moment. 

How long does shipping take? 
It depends on your location, but on average 1-5 working days. We have recently started working with T&T shipments, which means you can track your shipment fairly accurately. We are partnering up with EasyShip for a part of our fulfilment. 

To which countries do you ship? 
Currently we only deliver the ChugStraw in the United States. For shipments in Europe, please visit the website of our European partner. 

Can I collaborate with your awesome brand?
Yes, absolutely! You can be an affiliate of our brand via this link

Where can I buy a ChugStraw?
Currently we are only selling our ChugStraw online via our website, you can order a ChugStraw by going to the product page via this link. #chugit