How does the ChugStraw work?

chugstraw icon

The ChugStraw is a reusable straw for on the go. Simply hang the ChugStraw on your key ring and take it with you wherever you go.

The concept is relatively easy: click the ChugStraw on your beer bottle, put your mouth on the beer bottle and start drinking. The ChugStraw ensures that air is added to the bottle, so that your beer can be drained quickly without effort. 

Try one 

See below as example:


The mechanism behind the Chug It is relatively simple: the ChugStraw allows air in your bottle, which makes it possible to sip it way quicker than normally. Due to it's small design, it fits in your pocket and you can surprise everyone on your next party with it. 

Please visit our Instagram to see some examples of people using our product. Practice makes perfect, so you'd better start quickly to steal the show at your next party.

Just make sure, you keep on Chugging